मचल गया दीना का लाल !!

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Few days ago I went to a toy shop to buy some toys for my son. I was surprised to find most innovative toys in every category ; motor skills, fun, learning or entertainment. The prices were obviously sky high. There were self driving cars and Harley Davidson battery bikes worth a persons monthly take home. All this for someone who was just beginning to realize his existence in this mighty world. Yes,consumerism drives the economy and innovation. But there is one whole world where another child of same age would be starving for a one time meal. My maids daughters , aged 6 years and 8 years come home frequently to play with the baby. After noticing them I realized it’s those battery operated toys that bring that smile upon their faces. Its a joy they never felt before. They would wait hours if he s sleeping so that once he wakes up they can touch the toy while showing it to him but feeling the animation in their spirits.

While the shopkeeper showed me best of his collection few lines I read as a child echoed in my mind continuously…. The poem below is about a common woman’s child same age as of a prince who wants the prince’s toy,his mother’s heart aches knowing her incapacity in soughting it for him. At the same time the prince is desperate to have the common child’s toy disliking his own precious one.

Children are innocent,they are born with purity of soul. The worth of a toy is the smile that it can bring and not the converted numerals in its bar-code.


व्यथित हो उठी माँ बेचारी –
‘था सुवर्ण – निर्मित वह तो !
खेल इसी से लाल, – नहीं है
राजा के घर भी यह तो ! ‘

राजा के घर ! नहीं नहीं माँ
तू मुझको बहकाती है ,
इस मिट्टी से खेलेगा क्यों
राजपुत्र तू ही कह तो । ‘

फेंक दिया मिट्टी में उसने
मिट्टी का गुड्डा तत्काल ,
‘मैं तो वही खिलौना लूँगा’ –
मचल गया दीना का लाल ।

‘ मैं तो वही खिलौना लूँगा ‘
मचल गया शिशु राजकुमार , –
वह बालक पुचकार रहा था
पथ में जिसको बारबार |

‘ वह तो मिट्टी का ही होगा ,
खेलो तुम तो सोने से । ‘
दौड़ पड़े सब दास – दासियाँ
राजपुत्र के रोने से ।

‘ मिट्टी का हो या सोने का ,
इनमें वैसा एक नहीं ,
खेल रहा था उछल – उछल कर
वह तो उसी खिलौने से । ‘

राजहठी ने फेंक दिए सब
अपने रजत – हेम – उपहार ,
‘ लूँगा वही , वही लूँगा मैं ! ‘
मचल गया वह राजकुमार ।

-Siyaramsharan Gupt

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