50 Shades of DARK!!!

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India is a fairness obsessed nation. We practically worship fairness. No other country has these many fairness guaranteeing products as we do. And we feel no shame in advertising these products by dehumanizing people with higher melanin content and depicting ones with lighter skin color as personification of beauty.
This discrimination is so coded and installed in our minds that if we tend to be on the higher side of melanin producing genes we automatically accept this disgrace and start running after the ” miraculous ” products that will change our anatomy forever.

In west people pay dear amounts ,spend considerable time and effort to get tanned. Not that I justify it but this only proves that its a matter of choice and personal likability or to be precise ones own prerogative to choose if one wants to intentionally alter one’s color. In India this choice is driven by social acceptability and a desperate need to protect ones self esteem. Why are we so shallow and obsessed with color? Another obsession that we have is religion but there Shyam varna is the color of God ,but in our ever blessed hypocrisy we don’t embrace the same in humankind.

Enough said!

We the women can change that and are trying to change it. Wear your color with pride. Every individual has a right to freedom which makes for the right to carry oneself with dignity and pride. Let’s walk in the sun ,let’s enjoy our tan,let’s embrace our skin and let’s just stop spending on fairness products that make a mockery of who and what we are.


*** Fair skinned people are more susceptible to skin cancer. Love your melanin right away ,at least it checks off one item in possible diseases one could have.

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