Don’t walk beside your Donkey!!!

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As soon as your pregnancy terminates to a happy end with a cuteling cuddling in your arms ,your status changes from a to be mum into a new MuM.
And just about with this transition the world becomes a fertile place for thriving on your inexperience and vulnerability with Opinions harvesting everywhere. Moms varying in different categories spanning ages, educational background, economical , physical and emotional quotient are ready to donate their learning for your well being.

A catch 22 causes congestion of thoughts cause advice,anti advice and anti of anti advice are all transmitted with definite surety and emphatic enthusiasm from all sources.

If you are tech savvy and deploy internet usage for your benefit you will be termed as ” internet mommy”. If you go by traditional routes the term becomes ” orthodox uninformed mommy” . If you rely solely on experience based advice from aged mommies you tend to poke the wrath of your doctor. In case you decide mix matching your route you become a confused mommy.

Whether you ride the donkey, carry it or walk beside it there will be an opinionated outlook towards you. Its a new territory unexplored , where you deploy your theory on your live product ,you just don’t get to test a prototype. So with bugs,errors and faults in your strategy how do you decide which practice to follow.

The answer is Self assurance. Be informed,be equipped with knowledge but don’t write anything in stone. Trust yourself , customize solutions to your situation. Believe what you ll do will be the best of what you had in hand.

Each child is different, each mother is, each mom and child have their own equation, situation and solution. The world will create confusion but be sure of your capacity, capability and chemistry.

Every flower blooms if the Gardner puts all his efforts but the manure need not be same.

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