Perfection , the misconception !

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There were times when Jack (from Jack of all trades and master of none) was considered to be a good for nothing case. But in recent times most of us are running the show with all our balls in air. For how long and with how many balls can one manage such a show with perfection ? The answer is either the length or the balls need to be reduced. But in life the balls always keep increasing and the length always keeps incrementing.

So do we reach our threshold then and exhaust ourselves for a complete shutdown.


We follow our age old turtle and keep it slow, steady becoming Jack of modern times who believes in attending all the trades without worrying about mastering any. Continuity is important than dexterity.

As women we tend to get obsessed easily with perfection. Be it housekeeping, child development, maintaining relations, professional growth, personal grooming we want it all and we want it all clean cent percent. This is physically ,virtually ,literally and exhaustively impossible to achieve for a human for the entire period of life day in and day out. But our obsession leads to our emotional crumbling and stress which trap us in a vicious circle of stress ,work,stress and more work thus leading to permanent stress and an inexplicable depression.

The key is to just do your best and leave the rest. Regardless of opinions, results, outcomes and odds just keep doing it in a planned ,feasible manner far away from exhaustion threshold and you ll be a happy individual.

Success or failure is a relative term. A house might be clean by standards of one person and might be irritably messy by another’s. A child might be the most behaved individual yet disapproved by manners of other parent. You might be praised in your job but promotion might not come along easy. But the key is you did your best for your house,child and professional growth and you are continuously putting efforts.

Perfection is more of an obsession than an art. The misconception regarding perfection causes only untimely exhaustion and undue attention to one specific area while ignoring happiness hidden in small results.

Be happy and want it all,do it all but dont worry about being the invincible master of everything!!

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