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Mrs Shaila Gupta/Verma/Sharma (any surname that fits the reader’s imagination) had it all ,best husband , best house, best of the kids with best grades, jobs, PACKAGES, spouses and best of anything and everything ever imaginable. Shaila aunty’s best-o-city outshone the mediocre neighbours and their mediocrity at just about anything.
Our entire childhood , adolescence and a substantial part of adulthood was dominated by thoughts of trying to cope up with the ever excelling Shaila’s. Our moms were constantly depressed with their non-loving husbands, incompetent children and unattainable status of best cook that Shaila aunty had reserved for herself for life in a self-acclaimed audit. She sat on the highest branch of the tallest tree that our mother and entire family put together were unable to climb since decades. Finally, we all gave up and lived in the misery of being disasters while promising ourselves to make our next generation Shaila praiseworthy. Now the Shaila inspired grannies are teaching their third generation how to be as great as Shaila family prodigy.

Such Shaila aunties live in a parallel universe devoid of disdain, failure, disappointment or any scarcity. Their world comprises of only accomplishments ,there is no room for anything less than grandeur. Our happiness ,small successes rather smaller accomplishments seem meaningless in such a world and our entire existence seems futile much in our own perception rather than Shaila’s.

The point of reference can shift from Shaila neighbour (or maasi or bua or chachi or uncles) to Shaila colleague, boss,co-passenger ,friend of a friend or for that matter facebook friend of a friend who we once met at a large social gathering, but, the crux remains the same. We live in shadow of such pseudo winners. But if we ever stopped for a moment to think , we would realize even if their utopian world was a reality would we really want to live in that. What is happiness without sorrow, success without failure or for that matter cresent witout a descent in anything. Would we ever know how important virtue is if vice never existed. These are see saw balances ,and remember w=one can enjoy a see saw swing only when it actually SWINGS. This means we love going up only when we have been down once in a see saw. If a fat kid sat on the other side of a lean kid in a see saw both would just worry about their stagnant position rather than enjoying the swing and the fun it brings with it.

In Bali, they make very temple God wear a checked outfit ,filled with black and white checks.They say it symbolizes balance of life. There is no good without evil and no evil without good. They are the balancing forces of nature and need to exist in proportion. Such is life too. So live it , feel it , enjoy it cause hypothetical world of best by Shaila aunty is hollow and hyped ,existing only in her virtual mind which elevates her self created status to win a self created race she is running and winning, to soothe maybe her depression ,her loneliness or her need for attention.

Let’s award trophy of winner for life to such Shaila’s and live ours in a real world full of enthusiasm and excitement where the result of every event is not pre fixed to any constant.

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