The bug got Bugged!

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Bug got Bugged!!

This morning a wasp entered my room from the balcony and could not find its way out. Despite my endeavors I wasn’t able to help the rescue efforts it was pursuing. Finally I did what a sane person does at home, called Dad. He came and in one shot targeted the wasp for a deadly blow.
I shrieked with astonishment , “No,Dad, don’t kill him, let us get it out of the house.”
Fortunately the wasp was still alive and still trying it’s luck. But now Dad settled down and sat quietly looking at me. After about five minutes I said ,”Well, its alive, let’s continue, else it might sting BOPS !”

Dad was calm. He said ,first, let’s talk.

There was once a high bred horse ,the pride of his owner. One day it got ill and could not stand. The worried owner took him to a renowned vet. The vet examined the horse and gave some medication. He advised the owner to administer three more doses ,if those didn’t work in three days then the onky cure were three bullets. Sad and hurt ,the owner returned to the farm with his pride possession. That night the horse sat alone, weeping when the farm Goat approached him to soothe his pain. The goat advised him to be strong and gather all his strength to stand up and avoid the deadly fate. The horse stirred, tried hard but his strength gave up. Day 2 came up and despite the medicine the horse lay like it had never galloped before. The goat took upon the task of motivating him again. Nonetheless ,there was no success. On day 3 the vet visited the owner and told him last dose ,last day and last byes were in for the horse. Just about then the horse blowed air ,gave a jerk and defying his ill fate not only stood up but galloped away riding on the wind. That night the entire farm was absorbed in festivity. The vet was greeted with best wine and farm fresh MUTTON.

Suddenly I heard the words “kill it!” whispered in grave astonishment from my own soul. Dad stood up and this time he did not miss.

While writing this article I kept swithering whether to kill the wasp or let it live. Romance keeps us alive but harsh reality does exist. Nature does select the best and knowingly ,unknowingly or unadmittably we all fall in the vicious chain of eat or be eaten. I don’t how long the wasp would have lived. Maybe a bird was sitting right outside the door to feed on it. But the guilt that I was the reason of its doom was a heavy emotion to deal with.

Whether we like it or not we cannot escape the fact that our survival might be someone’s fall.To get on with the rule of nature is difficult but few things are meant to be.

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